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Exterior Painting

There’s nothing quite like pulling into the driveway in front of your home and being proud of what you see there. All American Painting Plus has a team of residential painting experts that can bring your home’s exterior from shabby and drab to clean and bright with their many exterior house painting services. Professional painters can help protect your most important investment not only by painting, but also by taking care of those things you don’t want to deal with yourself, from dry-rot repair to power washing. Put your mind at ease – let All American Painting Plus handle your exterior painting needs.

We offer the following exterior painting services:

  • Wood replacement
  • Power washing
  • Vinyl, aluminum, wood & brick
  • Exterior painting
  • Dryvit and other exterior surfaces
  • Barns and outbuildings
  • Entry doors
  • PVC replacement
  • Dry-rot repair


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What you can expect from our exterior painting services:

Prompt Arrival
Prompt Arrival
You can expect our experienced foreman and crews to show up in full uniform at 7:00 a.m. ready to tackle your project. On the first day your foreman will walk the job with you, discuss the best approach and cover any final details. The foreman will communicate with you on a daily basis to keep you informed of our next move. A crew will be present everyday until your project is completed.



Power Washing
Power Washing
Some houses will need to be cleaned before painting if they appear to have visible dirt and/or mildew. The most efficient way to clean siding and trim is by using a high-pressure washer. Generally, bleach or a detergent is injected into the water to ensure the surfaces of your home are as clean as possible.

Our crews have ladder mitts on all their ladders to protect the exterior surfaces of your home. Drop clothes are put down below most work areas. We protect your landscaping when working in proximity to it, and any other areas that need protection.

We diligently scrape loose paint on the house to halt the peeling process. Some surfaces will be scraped to knock down the imperfections. Any loose caulking will be scraped out at this time as well.

Sanding the trim of your house is critical. Paint is a very thin film and needs proper adhesion to be effective. We lightly sand all trim with medium to coarse sandpaper to ensure a lasting paint job.

Caulking and PuttyingCaulking and Puttying
Properly caulking the surfaces of your house is a must. Without proper caulking your home can be exposed to and vulnerable to the elements, possibly leading to more costly repairs and utility bills. Even the smallest cracks need to be sealed. Loose caulking will be removed and replaced. Painters putty will be used to fill any nail holes found in the trim work.

Without necessary priming of bare surfaces, they will most likely peel or experience some other type of paint failure. We will prime any bare wood that we come across while preparing your house for painting. Any bleed through from knotholes or stains will be primed. Any new unprimed wood or repairs will be primed as well.

Our crews will check that we are 100% protected. We find that brushing and rolling the paint is a much neater process than spray painting and leaves a thicker more uniform finish. Larger areas will be brushed and rolled. Most trim work will be brushed by hand.

We have a daily breakdown and tidying up process that starts between 3:00-3:15 p.m. We leave the jobsite at 3:30 p.m. after making sure the site is clean, safe and secure.

Final CleanupFinal Clean Up
At the end of the job we clean up large paint chips and other debris. We check horizontal and ground surfaces, such as concrete walkways, driveways and decks, for any paint splatters. We sweep up work areas and remove ladders, tools and trash.

Quality ControlQuality Control Inspection
After the project is done our foreman will personally inspect the work to ensure that it meets and/or exceeds nationally recognized painting industry standards. Our foreman will advise you ahead of time of our completion schedule and will work to arrange a walk through with you to ensure your satisfaction.

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