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Finish Carpentry and Moldings

Sometimes the little details make all the difference. Adding window and door casings, crown molding, and baseboard trim can completely transform the entire feel of the interior of your home. These beautiful enhancements contribute to a “finished” look, which All American Painting Plus would love to help you achieve. Our interior painting contractors are much more than just painters – they can install moldings and casings with precision to give your home that extra polish it needs. This is all done with the utmost care for your home and your time, providing accurate estimates and quality work.


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What you can expect from our finish carpentry and moldings services:


Prompt Arrival
You can expect our repairman or team to show up in full uniform at 7:00 a.m. ready to tackle your project. On the first day your foreman will walk the job with you, discuss the best approach, and cover any final details. The foreman will communicate with you on a daily basis to keep you informed of our next move. A crew will be present every day until your project is completed.


Demolition and Cleaning
If you have old or damaged carpentry that must be removed before a repair can be completed, we will demolish the structure, remove the debris, and clean the area first. If no demolition is necessary, we will simply clean the site to prepare for the repair.


The foreman and/or team will set up tools needed to repair your molding or structure. All tools, except those needed in hand onsite, will be set up and used out of doors, or in an area of your choosing.


Sanding and Painting
All repair jobs will be sanded, painted, and otherwise finished before your repair team leaves for the day. We will always show you the work before we leave, if you are available.


Our team will leave the site as clean, or cleaner, than we found it.

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