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Power Washing

Power washing is a transformational process that restores the natural beauty of wooden structures and thoroughly cleans all exterior surfaces simply using water. If your deck is looking worse for wear or you have a fence that’s seen better days, All American Painting Plus can help. Power washing is a regular part of exterior painting projects, so our professional painters have what it takes to bring that dirty surface back to how it was meant to look.


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What you can expect from our power washing services:


Prompt Arrival
You can expect our repairman to show up in full uniform at 7:00 a.m. ready to tackle your project. On the scheduled day, the All American Painting Plus employee will walk through the job with you, discuss the best approach, and cover any final details. Most power washing can be completed in a couple of hours by a single person, but larger repair projects will require more time and manpower. An All American Painting Plus representative will communicate the scope of your job beforehand and keep you updated as the project progresses.


Site Inspection
Sometimes dirty surfaces have other issues that wouldn’t be discovered without a thorough preliminary inspection. If rot or disrepair is discovered, we may recommend that these be repaired before power washing is initiated.


Site Prep
If you have nearby areas that should not come in contact with water, we will protect these surfaces with the necessary materials before we start cleaning.


Power Washing
Power washing is the next step. We use high pressure sprayers to clean efficiently and thoroughly.


We will clean up any water, materials, or residue left over after the cleaning.


Oftentimes, power washing is a first step in a larger renovation or restoration process. We will start completing the next steps in your plan, or discuss possible improvements we discovered along the way.

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