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Although wallpaper can be done right, we see a lot of examples of old, outdated wallpaper gone wrong. Peeling and obvious seams are an eyesore your home doesn’t need to have with professional painters just a phone call away. Ask an All American Painting Plus interior painter about how we can turn your wallpapered room into a clean, modern space in your home. We’ll keep your belongings safe in the process and leave the area cleaner than how we found it.


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What you can expect from our wallpaper removal services:


Prompt Arrival
You can expect our team members to show up in full uniform at 7:00 a.m. ready to tackle your project. On the scheduled day, an All American Painting Plus employee will walk through the job with you, discuss the best approach, and cover any final details. Most wallpaper removals can be completed in a couple of hours by a single person, but larger projects will require more time and manpower. An All American Painting Plus representative will communicate the scope of your job beforehand and keep you updated as the project progresses.


Site Inspection
Sometimes damaged wallpaper is covering up a larger problem. We start with site inspection to make sure there are no underlying issues that need a different approach. If all is well, we’ll initiate the next stage in the process.


Site Prep
Wallpaper removal can be a dirty job, so we make sure to cover floors, furnishings, air vents, and unaffected walls before beginning a project. Sometimes the application of chemicals makes the job go more smoothly. If so, these will be applied at this point.


The team will use a variety of tools to remove the wallpaper with as little mess as possible.


We will remove any paper, adhesive, or leftover from the materials. These will be placed in industrial strength waste bags and disposed of at the proper facility by our team.


Oftentimes, wallpaper removal is a first step in a larger renovation or restoration process. We will start completing the next steps in your plan, or discuss possible improvements we discovered along the way.

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