Spring and Summer Painting/Carpentry

When you think of All American Painting Plus, you might think about the best Virginia painters around. And though we won’t say you’re wrong on that point (thanks for the compliment!), we want to emphasize that we’re more than a painting company. All American Painting Plus contractors can build or [...]

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Don’t Underestimate Front Door Painting

People ask us all the time about the relationship between a fresh coat of paint and home equity. This is a complicated conversation, but generally speaking, the fresher and nicer your paint job, the more someone will be willing to pay for your home. There are practical and subconscious reasons [...]

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Businesses See Benefits off Fresh Paint

We can all use a makeover from time to time. But if you have a business or represent a publicly-accessed structure of some kind, you know that a real estate makeover is not always in the budget. At All American Painting Plus, we paint commercial and public buildings all the [...]

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Paint Colors We Recommend for Clients

With modern paint technology, you can produce infinite color variations. These endless shades can be used on interior or exterior walls, cabinets, fixtures...anything you can imagine. But because homeowners and business owners have such specific goals for their properties, not just any color choices will do. As painting contractors, All [...]

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Lose Mistakes With Interior and Exterior Paint

If you are a homeowner, painting your home’s interior or exterior is a job you don’t want to do often. A good paint job can last for years, but one performed poorly will show its flaws in just months. It can be difficult for nonprofessionals to appreciate the nuances of [...]

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Paint Colors for Work, Rest, and Play

If you’re thinking about repainting your house or business, your thought process probably follows some common pathways. When most people consider this problem, the first thing they think about is their favorite color or colors. While favorite colors might look great on the walls of your home, artful residential painting [...]

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3 Things That White Interior Paint Can Do

When it comes to interior paint colors, white is often the first option we consider. This is because it is often the best choice. Though simple and relatively common, white is the color of walls around the world because it is one of the most practical and functional colors (or, [...]

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How to Make A Residential Paint Job Last

It takes time and money to get your house painted. Whether you are painting inside or out, residential painting requires the homeowner to deal with some inconvenient realities. In the event of a major interior painting project, residents may have to work around wet paint, scaffolding and heady paint fumes [...]

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Protect A Deck: Exterior Paint and Sealant

If you have a deck, or are planning to build on in the near future, congratulations - decks are great. Decks are the under-appreciated little brother to the porch. And though the deck doesn’t have the warm spot in our cultural imagination quite like the ample wrap-around porch, it can provide [...]

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The Message New Exterior Paint Sends

If you run a brick and mortar business that receives customers and/or clients, it’s important to think about the optics of your facility. The outer upkeep of your building or buildings sends a message to your customers before they even set foot inside your facility. The same holds true for [...]